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Other Products


• Straddle Rail Cars
• Refuse, Scrap Application

• Various Attachments Available

• Over 21’ Reach Boom

• Hydraulic Quick Coupler

• Highly Mobile

• Faster Cycle time TT-195


Tundra Tractor

• Modified Cat® Challenger based on 95E tractor

• Used for oil and gas exploration on the North Slope in Alaska

• Used for Scientific Research in Antarctica

• Rubber Tracks environmentally friendly

• Operation in conditions in excess to 50°F below zero

• Custom built rubber tracked trailers with capacities up to 60 tons

• Fifth wheel hitch • Drop deck container trailer

• Optional 6,000 lb crane

• Standard 6 man cab

• Optional 12 man cab module


Articulated Dump Truck

• Compact design and 180 degree articulated steering (90 degrees to left and right) allows for excellent maneuverability in tight operating conditions

• Use of proven Caterpillar® scraper tractors provides a reliable and robust powertrain.

• Simple, rugged design to provide long life with low operating costs.

• Only one rear axle to maintain.

• Rear wheel assist only when required to increase fuel efficiency.

• Similar capacity to ridged frame truck

• Increased stability due to use of oscillation stops on gooseneck rather than belly swivel design of competing articulated trucks.

• Lower component rebuild cost.

• Less ongoing maintenance costs

• High parts commonality with the standard mass produced 621H Wheel Tractor Scraper

• Possible interchangeability with standard open bowl scraper.

• No tailgate needed due to dump body design